Hi, I'm Delina DiSanto

Delina DiSanto and Harley Davidson


Delina DiSanto is a Democratic candidate for Arizona's 4th Congressional district.


Born in Long Branch, New Jersey, Delina was raised on democratic values by her strong, independent mother, and Irish immigrant grandmother. Delina adopted values of meaningful relationships, honesty, earned trust, accountability and a strong work ethic from the strong women in her household.


In the early 1990’s, Delina and her family moved to Durango, Colorado. She started a construction business with her husband and became active in politics. Her political mentor for many years, Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell, taught her the value of working on both sides of the aisle, coming up with sensible compromises and looking at legislation through the eyes of a constituent. When working for Senator Campbell, she was tasked with reviewing legislation, offering advice, speaking at engagements on his behalf, and advocating for water rights in Colorado. Of course, they didn’t always see eye-to-eye, but Delina can work with both sides of the aisle to get work done for constituents.

In addition, Delina worked as a Finance Director in several hospitals. As a Finance Director, she saw the financial burden that healthcare costs cause to families, saw it tear families apart and even witnessed people die due to cancer when they couldn’t afford treatments. She is a Registered Nurse, graduating from Arizona State University Cum Laude. Her passion is health care and believes that it is a right, not a privilege. When it comes to making decisions, she keeps this in mind – advocating for what people need and deserve. 


She understands compromise, while never compromising on her values. She isn't a politician; Delina is a warm-hearted constituent of AZ-04 who wants to listen and have AZ04 be heard. She believes AZ04 is being left out of the conversation and isn’t being invited to the table when it comes to so many issues that the district cares about. Delina will bring AZ04 to the forefront and make sure all people in her district are being represented fairly.

Delina resides in a small community north of Cave Creek with her husband, Dave, her dog, Archie, and her cat, Simba. She and Dave are "empty nesters" and have two children, David and Dakota, who also reside in Arizona.


I am here to serve you and your families. My mission is to make you proud of our district, proud of Arizona, and proud of our country while I represent you.