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The issues

If you have a question about a specific issue, don't hesitate to reach out to me on Twitter.


As a Registered Nurse, with years of hospital experience, I care deeply about healthcare.

Healthcare is a right and we need to ensure we have a healthy society.Taking on the pharmaceutical companies is a priority to lower drug costs and we must do more so every citizen has coverage they can afford. Delina has seen so many give up treatments because of cost to them and/or their families. This cannot continue. Delina believes Americans should have a choice to choose a Medicare option plan or keep the insurance they now have. Just know Medicare will not ever be taken from you. Commercial insurance can, if you become chronically sick and can’t work.

Social Security & Medicare

We must protect Social Security for our seniors now and for future generations. I promise to fight to ensure that Social Security is not privatized. Those who gross $1 million are currently capped at paying Social
Security; I will work to increase that amount.

I will also protect Medicare. We cannot allow this health insurance to diminish. I will also fight to pass a Medicare option for those younger than 65. We need this safety net for all Americans. I believe we can stimulate the Medicare program by bringing on more Americans into the program. Also Medicare overhead costs/administration fees are far more less, 5%,
than commercial insurance companies that charge 35% to 65% into their plans. A Medicare option is the best choice for Americans.

Veterans & Veterans Affairs

America’s Veterans put their lives on the line to protect us.  I am tired of the government not respecting Veterans and not providing the resources they need. I will fight to ensure the VA hospitals provide exceptional healthcare and other services. 


We need to support and fund our public schools. Teachers deserve professional wages and to have healthcare benefits so they can focus on their classrooms. We will have more teachers who can have smaller class sizes to focus on each child. We also must protect our kids by providing mental health professionals in schools and educating our youth about mental health.  Our nation’s future depends on this.

Native American Rights

Arizona's 4th Congressional District has seven tribal nations and I have every intention to support and advocate for all who call this district home. I will work tirelessly to see that their rights as sovereign nations are respected and that they are included in policy-making decisions. 

I worked for Ben Nighthorse Campbell, the first Native American U.S. Senator, from whom I learned a great deal. I will address the challenges that our Native American neighbors are facing and will fight for tribal rights.

Environmental Protection

Wildfires, flooding, tornados, and hurricanes. Climate change is real and unless we take immediate action we are dooming our children to a miserable future. 

That’s why I support clean energies like wind and solar. Not only can they power us to a brighter future, but they can drive a strong economy and create jobs for decades to come. I will do everything I can to incentivize clean energy companies and take efforts to provide a cleaner future.


Unlike my opponent, I believe and trust doctors and scientists. We need to vaccinate all those who want vaccination and work with and educate those
who are vaccine hesitant. Getting the right information that it’s not a threat, there may be some side effects but mild for a day or two, explaining the clinical trials and the efficacy of the vaccine, incentives and getting more Americans to think constructively by educating.

Economy, Jobs & Infrastructure

Creating jobs and strengthening our economy means focusing on Americans and their businesses. The best way to create jobs is to cut taxes for small businesses, make investments in infrastructure, and have an economy that is powered by clean energy. We must pass the Build Back Better, Infrastructure Bill now.

Criminal Justice Reform

Over the last 40 years, US population has increased 45%, but the incarceration rate has increased by 400%. The failed War on Drugs has disproportionately punished communities of color. We need to root out racial discrimination in the system and achieve humane standards for prisoners. We can no longer tolerate incarceration for children and teens for minor or school-related offenses.

We must also address the fact that time spent in jail/prison means offenders have paid their debt to society. They deserve rehabilitation and not further punishment. Furthermore, they should not have to pay fees to be able to vote. 

Civil Rights

I will always fight to end discrimination, and always vote for legislation that promotes civility. I believe in restoring the full protections of the Voting Rights Act and in fighting against discriminatory voter identification laws. And, this should go without saying, but let me be clear: Black Lives Matter.

Immigration & Border Security

I believe in technology to detect illegal activity early and put an end to sexual trafficking. 


We also need to make the path to citizenship understandable and less intimidating so people are incentivized to come out of the shadows. We must reform our immigration laws and come together to find the best solutions for our changing economy. Once immigration laws are reformed,  we must follow through and enforce the law. Additionally, I am committed to ensuring that Our border security officials receive better living and working conditions.


Most importantly, we must treat all humans with dignity and respect.

Women's Rights

It truly pains me that we are still having this conversation. Let me be clear: I strongly support Roe v Wade. I support a woman's right to choose and protecting our reproductive rights. A woman's personal decision regarding her own body should not be a political issue.

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