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Unlike my opponent, I believe and trust doctors and scientists. The unfortunate truth is that Covid-19 is very real and is a deadly virus, so this should not be a political issue. 

As your representative, I will take action to get the virus under control, make logical decisions based on scientific facts, and, when it is safe to do so, reopen schools and businesses again so we can have a thriving economy.

Social Security

We must protect Social Security for our seniors now and for future generations.


I promise to fight to ensure that Social Security is not privatized.

I support H.R. 141 - Social Security Fairness Act 2019, as many voters
in my district are affected by the following.
- The bill eliminates the government pension offset, which in various
instances reduces Social Security survivors' benefits for spouses,
widows, and widowers who also receives government pensions of their
- The bill also eliminates the windfall elimination provision, which
in some instances reduces Social Security benefits for individuals who
also receive a pension or disability benefit from an employer that did
not withhold Social Security taxes.


As a Registered Nurse, I care deeply about healthcare.

Healthcare is a right and we need to ensure we have a healthy society. Taking on the pharmaceutical companies is a priority to lower drug costs and we must do more so every citizen has coverage they can afford.

Veterans & Veterans Affairs

I am tired of the government not respecting Veterans and not providing the resources so many Veterans need. I will fight to ensure the VA hospitals provides exceptional healthcare and other services. The VA hospitals need nurses and doctors, among other staff, to be compensated fairly so that veterans get the care they need.

Our economy, jobs, and infrastructure

Creating jobs and strengthening our economy means focusing on Americans and their businesses. The best way to create jobs is to cut taxes for small businesses, make investments in infrastructure, and have an economy that is powered by clean energy. 

Criminal Justice Reform

Over the last 40 years, the incarceration rate in our country has more than quadrupled and is now unprecedented. The failed War on Drugs has punished communities of color. We need to root out racial discrimination in the system and have humane standards for prisoners. We can no longer tolerate incarceration for children and teen abuses of minor offenses or school related offenses. 

 We need to address that time spent in jail/prison means they paid their debt to society. They deserve rehabilitation and not further punishment. Furthermore, they should not have to pay fees to be able to vote. 


We need to support and fund our public schools. Teachers deserve professional wages and to have healthcare benefits​ so they can focus on their classrooms. We will have more teachers who can have smaller class sizes to focus on each child. We also must protect our kids by providing mental health professionals in schools and educating our youth about mental health.

Native American Rights

Arizona's 4th District has seven tribal nations and I have every intention to support and advocate for all who call this district home. I will work tirelessly to see that their rights as sovereign nations are heard and included in policy-making decisions. 

I worked for Ben Nighthorse Campbell, the first Native American U.S. Senator, from whom I learned a great deal. I will address the challenges that our Native American neighbors are facing and will fight for tribal rights. 

Civil Rights

I will always fight to end discrimination, and always vote for legislation that promotes civility. I believe in restoring the full protections of the Voting Rights Act and fight against discriminatory voter identification laws. 

Immigration & Border Security

I believe in technology to detect illegal activity early. Our border security officials deserve better living and working conditions.


We need to make the path to citizenship understandable and less intimidating so people are incentivized to come out of the shadows. We must reform our immigration laws and come together to find the best solutions to our changing economy. Once immigration laws are reformed,  we must follow through and enforce the law.


Most importantly, we must treat all humans with dignity and respect.

Gun Safety

I am a gun owner and believe in upholding our second amendment. We need commonsense gun reform, however. Let me be clear: I want responsible gun owners to keep their guns.

I will work hard to keep our communities safer and keep guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals.

Our Environment

We must take action now to ensure a healthy environment for future generations.

I support clean energies like wind and solar. I will do everything I can to incentivize clean energy companies and take efforts to provide a cleaner future.


First things first - we must decriminalize marijuana at the federal level. The failed War on Drugs policy unfairly targets minorities, imprisons non-violent offenders, and increases unemployment. Here in Arizona, the use of medical marijuana use is one of our state laws and there is a proposition on the ballot to allow marijuana use to also be recreational.


I would vote "yes" to legalize recreational marijuana in my state; but just as we have laws to discourage drunk drivers and have effective testing means by law enforcement, we also need effective testing means for marijuana that are not yet  available. For safety of our drivers and others on our roadways, I support safety first and will actively support legalization when the technology is better available to keep our roads safer.

Net Neutrality

It is imperative that our country has a free, fair, and open internet for our citizens. Net neutrality is freedom; and we cannot take this freedom away from people. The Internet is an extraordinary tool for learning and it is lucrative for our growing economy.

Our rural areas must have access to the internet. In addition, the internet should be be easily accessible, whether you are poor or rich.

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