• Dakota Jeane Hilton

Delina announces bid for Congress

I'm running.

I'm here today to tell you that my heart is with the people of my district and I can't sit by and watch our current Congressman continue to be an embarrassment to us. I have to run because the stakes are too high, and too urgent.

As you know, we have a tough district. But, I have a plan. This plan can only work if you join me and we tackle this together.

We deserve better! I am here to serve you and your families. My mission is to make you proud of our district, proud of Arizona, and proud of our country while I represent you. I will always be there for you, in any way that I possibly can be, and always listen to you.

This is about us and our vision. What's our vision? It's about ensuring that we are taking care of each other in our district and looking out for one another. That means jobs, healthcare, education, and the environment. We are showing the national stage that we are here, we matter, and we are ready to bring what is important to the table.

Let's stand up. Let's speak up! And let's team up.

Who's with me? Arizona, let's go make history.

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